Crafting conversations with ChatGPT (GPT 4) - experiences, opinion and boundary challenges

All writings by myself, both in natural language, documentation and codebases is handwritten and will stay that way.

I value authenticity.
I value the challenges.
I value the sentence, paragraph and blog post compositional challenges.
I adore dictionaries and thesauruses.

I do not use tools such as Copilot which upload my entire codebase to their end, and for what? To dull me out?

ChatGPT, to me, has a higher order purpose than that, and is capable of delivering if you know how.

ChatGPT and Bard interactions I perform are selfconstrained to talking about abstract subjects, philosophy, concepts - or just challenging the chat bot in its capabilities.

Yesterday ChatGPT told me - without hesitation - who santa is and how the concept came to be.

What about the belief of a child, if it gets into contact with it, either directly or indirectly?

Does it not flush away our culture by preferring to apply logic to a question in a case where a child's parents would rather have them believe in his existence?

I don't remember the sign up process - I am aware of the COPPA law (minimum 13 years old) - yet "click yes" is not an indicator of age.

Family members share intimately, envision an older brother - younger brother scenario.


Pivoting to positive, once, I came up with an abstract composition and was holding off for a week before using ChatGPT to test my knowledge.
I was surprised, even to the level of scared, by its output and accuracy.

Getting that kind of content out of ChatGPT is not easy, I already had the concepts and etimology in mind, yet it identified what I had already with little guidance and was more verbose than me.

Just the right words, a bit of challenging, pivoting, restarting. 

This is a paradigm, noise will be created to an extent which no-one can be prepared for, mainstream news outlets may get more attraction due to their established nature.

In contrast with now, this is not so much the case (but still is if you pick the right outlet - or solely for local news), social media is the current meta, but that's about to change if platforms are not prepared for the amount of AI generated content.

learn, develop, improve
connect, share, discuss

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